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05:08:2006 Entry: "Ann : Another beautiful ring"

Another beautiful ring

I'm surprised this one hasn't been bid higher yet (as of 1pm on Friday). Although it's *still* a little too high for me (yeah, I've gotten into the habit of not paying retail), I think I would bid on it if it was my size. Alas, the world is filled with size 7s, which neither Stan nor I can wear...too small for him, too big for me. The only thing that stops me from going broke with rings is that it's hard to find size 5s and 4s. But just look it at, it's so whimsical with the golden citrine beehive and the little bees. Simply charming.

I just wish my clothing size was my ring size. If my ring size was my clothing size, I'd have manhands. I can still wear some rings I wore when I was 14, although on different fingers. Having a hard time wearing my wedding ring, though, one that Stan made for me. It can't be resized because of the way it was constructed.


Errr...dyslexia or something made me mess up the above statement. What I meant to say was:

"If my clothing size was my ring size, I'd have manhands."

Posted by Ann @ 04:28:2006:02:22 PM CST

wow thats huge! the picture they used tho doesnt show the raised bug. Seeing it on the hand made it look better.

i think my wedding ring has been resized enough. i'll take it off if my finger gets puffy round it! but if that happens, there is probably something wrong.

Posted by Dawn @ 04:28:2006:10:59 PM CST

Sometimes I think I'll put my wedding ring on and never be able to get it off again without amputation...or at least waiting until the next sub-0 degree weather. Sometimes it's even hard with cold water and soap!

I'm glad that ring ended for about twice as much as it started for...I guess there were a lot of snipers at the end. I always feel sorry for jewelry that doesn't get the amount of bids it deserves. I sell Bali beads on eBay and sometimes when I'm selling some really cute beads and they don't sell I feel really bad, not because I didn't make $$ on it, but because the beads were more deserving than that. But I'll just end up using them anyway in my own jewelry, so it shouldn't matter...but it does.

That citrine beehive looks like a big drop of honey....yum.

Posted by Ann @ 04:29:2006:09:55 AM CST

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