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05:05:2006 Entry: "Stan : 'My 17 Years as an Unauthorized Jew' (The Good, section 3: Sights and Sounds part 4: Meaning and Truth)"

'My 17 Years as an Unauthorized Jew' (The Good, section 3: Sights and Sounds part 4: Meaning and Truth)

I suppose one of the most interesting questions I may ask myself is where the line lies between madness and sanity, and I don't have any sure answers. I get use to these kinds of things, and even if I have are feelings of strangeness about them these things just become part of my life. For instance, when I was 34 years old the crows started talking to me, and at the time I thought that perhaps I had lost my mind. Maybe it is a symptom of some kind of mental disorder, but since the day crows first started speaking to me by telepathy I've had numerous conversations with these birds. Over time what seems to be unreal just becomes a seemingly ordinary part of my life.

In my opinion I think it is wrong to idealize these kinds of experiences, and I believe it's fair to say that these sorts of things make life more complicated rather than easier. I am troubled by the conception, which some people may have that visions are some form of revelation. I don't believe this is true, or at least not in my case.

Visions are more like questions than answers and every vision which I can remember seems to be some sort of riddle to be solved rather than a moment of insight. It would be wrong for me to say that meaning and understanding comes from the experience of having visions, because it's the other way around. What a vision means and how I may understand its importance only happens in the process of living my ordinary life, and the process of coming to terms with meaning may take years. Whatever visions are they raise questions for me, but I believe that real meaning and truth in visions only comes from living my ordinary life in this corporeal world.

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