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05:04:2006 Entry: "Stan : 'My 17 Years as an Unauthorized Jew' (The Good, section 3: Sights and Sounds part 3: Voice)"

'My 17 Years as an Unauthorized Jew' (The Good, section 3: Sights and Sounds part 3: Voice)

For me, there is a voice, and there has always been a voice for as long as I can remember. Mostly the situation is one where I can ask the voice for their opinion and receive advice. Perhaps these kinds of experienced are part of my own inner dialogue and are only part of my minds own conversations with itself.

Some are conversations clearly born in the imagination like the ones I would have with Jesus starting when I was 12 and playmate who I began to talk to when I was 14. She is a Platonic friend and companion and her name is Sharleen. Later in life other more complex experiences have grown out these kinds of things, and hearing the voices of invisible beings I believe are some kind of auditory visions.

There is a primary invisible being who seems to exist only as a voice, and has a name I'm unable to pronounce. The name "Sharleen" has been applied to them too, and this name, Sharleen also sounds similar to the word "shoreline". My reoccurring image in a visionary state is a sandy shoreline with water on the left and land to the right. The sky and atmosphere are featureless and sky color may range from blue tones into black. The most unique attribute of this place is that in all directions it is without a horizon line. I believe this shoreline is a place in consciousness deeper than dreams and for most of my life a very infrequently visited place. I am unable to say with certain judgment, but I believe the origin of the voice from the invisible being comes from this sandy shoreline.


Thats really cool. I played with jesus when i was in first grade. i remember having a tea party with him and my dolls.

Posted by Dawn @ 04:24:2006:06:57 PM CST

I think the tea party with Jesus and dolls in very funny, and it's even better that it's something you can write about.

Posted by stanley @ 04:24:2006:07:16 PM CST

Dawn, that's hilarious! I'm envisioning "Jesus and Pals" from South Park.

Posted by Ann @ 04:24:2006:08:09 PM CST

the funnier part? i think it was my mom's idea. she was probably too busy to play with me herself, lol! razz

Posted by Dawn @ 04:25:2006:09:14 PM CST

Well, I guess that's better than some parents, "here kid, go play in the street!"

So did Jesus turn the tea into wine? LOL

I had sort of an opposite reaction to religion when I was young (and apologies if I've already written about this), I didn't realize the "guardian angel" concept was a metaphor...I thought there was this actual physical angel hovering over my back (well, that's what they showed in pictures!). So I would try to turn around really fast and catch it to kill it because I didn't want it there.

Posted by Ann @ 04:26:2006:07:54 AM CST

I love that "guardian angel" story.

I have a deep appreciation for the path of athiesm, because metaphysics can become tedious and unnecessary.

The expliantions for religous ideals can really sap all of the wonder out of life.To truely live and be in the present moment of life almost requires the dismissal and suspension of any and all theism.

Posted by stanley @ 04:26:2006:06:31 PM CST

Nope, no wine. Isn't it funny how literal we can take things as children? wink

Posted by Dawn @ 04:28:2006:10:55 PM CST

It's cute, actually.

What's really funny is when adults take things literally that were intended to be made up or metaphors. wink

Hey Stan, I thought you liked metaphysics and metaphysical discussions, or am I confused as usual? LOL

Posted by Ann @ 04:29:2006:09:59 AM CST

By Stan @ 21:22 PM CST:05:04:06 ..::Link::..

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