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05:04:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAMS a Couple Nights Ago"

DREAMS a Couple Nights Ago

Stan and I had found a large spider (about two inches across, thick legs) in some plants. Stan took care of it, probably putting it outside. Then later, I was holding a potted hanging plant. There were some holes in the pot towards the top for aeration or something. Through these holes, I could feel crawling, like the limbs of spiders crawling through the soil. I then realized the pot was teaming with these large 2-inch spiders and I freaked out, waking myself out of the dream. As I started to become conscious and even after I was fully awake, I was still freaked out over the sensation of the spider-infested pot. I'm not normally one to freak over insects, in fact I'm much more tolerant of them than most people, especially women. But this was just too creepy of a sensation.

Later that same night I dreamt I was in either St. Louis or Kansas City (IRL I've never been in St. Louis, and was only in Kansas City for a night and never got a "feel" for the city or anything)--I have no idea why I was in one of those cities. I think I was alone, staying in a hotel. Early in the morning, I set out to either find a job or do errands or something. I was walking around around this very old but yuppified area of town that didn't seem real. The streets were lined with cobblestone, and the whole area seemed like it was enclosed inside a large building itself, like the "Streets of Old Milwaukee" area in the Milwaukee Museum. I remember going into boutiquey stores and seeing lots of red carpeting. I was in some apartment building with red carpet with lots of cat hair on it. There were people in the apartment, presumably they lived there. I have no idea who they were. I was sitting on a couch and some guy was putting his head on my shoulder, not in a sexual way, but in a friendship way. It made me feel good, in a friendly way, but I don't know why.


Yuck! I hate spiders.

I like cobblestone streets tho. Had those in New York.

Posted by Dawn @ 04:22:2006:06:33 PM CST

Wish I could have seen the spiders. the other dream sounds good, but none of it sounds like anything I can place. Someone I knew briefly as and undergrad was born in St. Louis, and I have a sister who doesn't want me to ever call her living in Kansas City - did any of the people in this dream have dark hair?

Posted by stanley @ 04:22:2006:09:06 PM CST

No one in the dream was anyone I knew. Purely dream inventions.

Posted by Ann @ 04:22:2006:09:12 PM CST

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