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05:01:2006 Entry: "Ann : I Beg to Differ!!!!"

I Beg to Differ!!!!

The 100 unsexiest men in the world

How on EARTH can Jerry Seinfeld even be on the list, let alone #17 beating out the biggest blowhard on the face of the planet, Rush Limbaugh at #42? Brad Pitt at #100?!? Yes, he did look better with long hair, but still...OK, did straight guys compile this list or something? Me senses a bit of jealousy...

I do agree Gilbert Gottfried is the epitome of unsexy @ #1, but beating out M*chael J*ckson @ #11? WTF? Let me rephrase this...Gilbert Gottfried is pretty much the epitome of unsexy MEN. MJ is the epitome of unsexy including everything that was spawned on this earth.

Sometimes, Jerry, I just don't know...


I think it is a mystery that the human species ever manages to reproduce.

Posted by stanley @ 04:17:2006:08:33 PM CST

Strange list. Maybe someone equals handsome and sexy, which is two completely different thing. They should let women and gay/bi guys do this list wink

Posted by N @ 04:18:2006:03:58 AM CST

...and the new smilies are so much better than the usual yellow ones.

Posted by N @ 04:18:2006:03:59 AM CST

...and Nickelback is not the worst band since the dawn of music angry, grr

Posted by N @ 04:18:2006:04:03 AM CST

"Maybe someone equals handsome and sexy, which is two completely different thing."

But even so, Jerry's not ugly. I mean seriously, I don't get it. Even if I wasn't a Seinfeld fan, I'd certainly not even *think* to put him on the list. angry, grr

There are some that I agree with (keep in mind, some of those names I don't even know who they are, especially if they're sports figures):

#1: Gilbert Gottfried
#4: Doctor Phil (eewww...)
#11: MJ
#14: Richard Simmons
#23: Bill Gates (YES!!! I've said this for years!)
#42: Rush Limbaugh (totally)
#58: Bill O'Reilly (ditto...heh)

but other than that, either I don't have an opinion, don't recognize the name (which *really* makes it suspicious it was a het guy conspiracy since so much of it is athletes that women wouldn't even *know*), or I beg to differ. Too many undeserving comedians or politico-comedians (Maher, Franken--hey, I think they're kinda cute, especially Maher) which *really* makes me think it's a bunch of witless unfunny testosteroned jealous doofs compiling the list. ("In my country, they speak of a man so virile, so potent, that to spend a night with such a man is to enter a world of such sensual delights most women dare not dream of. This man is known as the 'Comedian'.&quotwink

Off the top of my head, one big ole ommission IMHO is Ralph Reed...but then maybe that's just my politics. In that case:

George Bush
Dick Cheney
Karl Rove
Donald Rumsfeld
John Ashcroft
Pat Robertson
Jerry Fallwell
...am I forgetting anyone?

Posted by Ann @ 04:18:2006:09:39 AM CST

Glad you like the emoticons, N, wink I wanted to make some Bauhaus-esque ones, sort of minimal, quick-loading, and very individualized to this journal. I didn't want a bunch of jiggling and hopping animations, so the only one I animated was the rolling eyes one, 'cause I couldn't figure out how to do that without it. They're done with black and white screens so the background will show through, so they'll be color-coordinated for every color.

Posted by Ann @ 04:18:2006:09:48 AM CST

Think it's easier to come up with who is sexy instead of who's not. If I think unsexy guy, I guess Michael Jackson immidiately enter my mind - so for obvious reasons I try to not think about unsexy guys. I don't think Jerry Seinfeld is ugly, but not sexy either. And I guess Britney Spears and Jessica Simpson and those are pretty or something, but not sexy. When that's said, I don't quite get why the Krueger guy in Nickelback is supposed to be so incredibly ugly, whenever he's mentioned it's something about his look in the same sentence, as far as I'm concerned he's just average.

Posted by N @ 04:18:2006:10:30 AM CST

MJ induces the vomit impulses in me.

Well, maybe it's just me, but I think there's something sexy about Jerry. I like guys who can do funny accents and make me laugh. Wit and sense of humour is a BIG plus, and although I'd not find Larry David, for example, physically attractive, I certainly wouldn't include him on an unsexy list.

I think BS and JS are kinda young and skanky. I don't think mature men could find them sexy.

I admit I don't know much about Nickelback, but by looking at the singer's picture, I *certainly* wouldn't think he's unsexy. He's good looking to me.

I'm also one who has to know a little bit of someone's personality to find them sexy and appealing too. Just a 2D picture isn't enough. I have to hear them talk, see them smile and all that before I can really make a judgment.

Posted by Ann @ 04:18:2006:10:37 AM CST

I think it's annoying when someone make negative comments about how someone look, also when it's famous people. Your face and body is not something you can just put away like the ugly sweater your aunt gave you last christmas. You have to wear it.

Think sexy has to do with the expression, something with people's eyes mostly, if it's something empty in there, it's just turn off. It's difficult to define sexy really. Guess it's as individual as any other taste.

Posted by N @ 04:18:2006:06:42 PM CST

After reading what they said about Chad and Nickelback, I have to agree with you. Jealous immature boys had to have made this thing up!

And Leno? Sorry but sexappeal for women has less to do with looks people! Geez. He's a cutie! But I do agree about jon lovits. *shudder*

Ok, I had to stop at Axl. I won't even go on and finish the list. That is just sacrilige(sp?). Plain and simple. Grrr crazy

Posted by Dawn @ 04:19:2006:12:08 AM CST

So, do a man's voice qualities have anything to do with attraction?

Could a man's voice be awful enough to earn him a place on the 100 unsexiest???

Posted by stanley @ 04:19:2006:07:42 PM CST

Allright...here we go with the voice thing again.

To answer your question Stan, I don't think so because the people compiling these lists probably wouldn't think much about a voice.

For me personally, I think Dubya has a very unsexy voice, all that ssshhh-ing of Ss..."don't mesh with Texshish."

And of course I LOVE an English accent. wink

Posted by Ann @ 04:19:2006:07:46 PM CST

But yeah, Gilbert Gottfried has a *reaaaallly* annoying voice. crazy

Posted by Ann @ 04:19:2006:08:00 PM CST

IMHO, actor Tommy Lee Jones has a sexy voice. In fact, his interesting, gravely voice is about 65% of his appeal as an actor.

A person doesn't have much control over their voice, but a pleasant voice (man or woman) is a huge plus in life (and especially over the phone, since so much contact is over the phone nowdays).

Posted by greenthumb @ 04:20:2006:09:21 AM CST

Sean Connery has a sexy voice. I like dark voices, on both men and women.

Posted by N @ 04:20:2006:02:38 PM CST

I agree about Tommy Lee Jones. Now I have his voice in my head! "Search every..." (you know, the fugitive?)

And Sean...

The squinting doesn't help gilbert gottfried either!

More on voices- gwyneth paltrow has a nice voice. Some voices are just comforting you know? smile

Posted by Dawn @ 04:21:2006:05:31 PM CST

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