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04:16:2006 Entry: "Ann : You're Not Playing Fair"

You're Not Playing Fair

Yesterday I realized I have a Pug with a conscience. We went to a Pug Play Date and someone came with a puppy, maybe around 4 months old or so, "Ernie." Ernie was quite playful and loved chewing on and running around with and nipping at the older dogs. Of course the older dogs all had to show who was dominant, and at times some of them got just a tad too rough for such a youngster. Lucifer Sam would watch a group of two or three older dogs playfight with the pup, and if it sounded like they were getting too rough, he would bark at them. At home, when he's playing with Plato, this sense of justice also pervails. He'll share his bones with Plato, even giving them to him, as in "here, take this end". But if Plato steps over the line, maybe taking two bones for himself and not sharing either of them, Lucifer Sam starts yapping at him in a scolding manner as if he was saying, "you're not playing fair!" I didn't even know a dog could have such a sense of what is good or bad, not in a "if I eat gravel out of the planter I'll get scolded so I won't do it" sort of way, no, he still is a "bad dog" in regards to that. But he has his own sense of what is good or bad in terms of dog socialization.


That is so cute! He is a little mommy! Or that protective older brother. smile

Posted by Dawn @ 04:16:2006:12:21 PM CST

It's just so sweet; he's such an amazing dog. But he's always been the youngest in the family, so I don't know how he feels this sense of justice or protection. It's pretty wild.

Posted by Ann @ 04:16:2006:12:51 PM CST

He has a good sense of what is fair except when it comes to food. Then he will try to trick Plato out of his food. I have to pick him up and ask him. "don't you want your Plato to have food too?"

Posted by stanley @ 04:16:2006:07:28 PM CST

Your dog eats gravel from the planter?? Do you have him on a starvation diet?

Posted by greenthumb @ 04:19:2006:01:33 PM CST

I don't know why he does it...Plato does it too, even when Plato doesn't want his breakfast, he'll munch on plant gravel if he's around it. We do have Lucifer Sam on a diet, vet's orders, because he has a huge appetite. But he's certainly getting enough food and he's at a good weight too, according to the vets.

They say sometimes kids like to eat dirt. I never did, I think it sounds gross, but some kids do. Maybe it's the same thing. Maybe the dogs like the crunchiness of the gravel.

It really freaked me out when he was a puppy because I was afraid he'd eat some stones that were too big, but fortunately everything came out ok. Some stones he'd just carry around in his mouth, like it was a gumball.

Posted by Ann @ 04:19:2006:01:38 PM CST

I think pugs have big appetites. I know that Xerxes ALWAYS thinks he's starving. (Of course, he probably is, as Mom keeps him lean and mean. Of course, there's no such thing as a "mean" pug - that's just an expression.)

It's weird what little kids will eat (poisons, rotten food, etc.). Year's ago Mom and Dad's cat Acteaon ate (I'm not kidding) rose thorns and cobwebs.

"they like the cruchiness of gravel" ha ha - maybe the crunchiness of the enamel being scrapped off their teeth.

"It really freaked me out when he was a puppy because I was afraid he'd eat some stones that were too big, but fortunately everything came out ok" Figuratively or did you do stool checks? (pretend I just put in your emoticon with the tongue sticking out here)

Pets certaintly add color and interest to life. Plus, if you're having a bad day - and wondering what the whole point of life is - you can always go pet a cat or walk the dog and get things back into perspective.

Posted by greenthumb @ 04:19:2006:03:21 PM CST

""It really freaked me out when he was a puppy because I was afraid he'd eat some stones that were too big, but fortunately everything came out ok" Figuratively or did you do stool checks?"

Figuratively, but I did glance at them, but it was just a cursory glance...nothing thorough.razz Once, though, I did see an end plug from a magic marker.rolls eyes

"(pretend I just put in your emoticon with the tongue sticking out here)"

You know, you *can* use them...that's what they're there for.

Posted by Ann @ 04:19:2006:03:29 PM CST

At the risk of sound inept, I don't seem to be able to. blush wink

See? one sample spelled out and the other time the semi colon/paren combo.

Posted by greenthumb @ 04:19:2006:03:45 PM CST

If you type some text and then want to add a an emoticon, just click on the one you want, and it puts it at the end of the text (so if you want it in a different place, just cut and paste it to the proper spot in your text). Some of them are the text equivalent of the emoticon, i.e., colon close-parenthesis is smilie, but some are a word surrounded by two colons. It varies...I didn't write the script for it...that's beyond me!

Posted by Ann @ 04:19:2006:03:57 PM CST

I now see that when I use one when writing it's spelled out or symbols, but then when it's posted, it becomes an "real" emoticon. Here, I'm going to put in the rolling eyeball, and see how it posts. rolls eyes

Posted by greenthumb @ 04:19:2006:04:05 PM CST

I have now looked at my test, and I see how this works now. (i.e., it doesn't really show til you post) wink

Posted by greenthumb @ 04:19:2006:04:06 PM CST

Yeah, when you click on an icon, some javascript posts the text, for example semicolon-parenthesis, then that combinations of keystrokes calls up the image via some script. I can't explain it too well, but I guess they haven't mastered the ability to actually have a graphic image show in a text area (which is what you type in when you enter a comment), only in the published page. Hope that makes sense.

Posted by Ann @ 04:19:2006:08:08 PM CST

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