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04:15:2006 Entry: "Ann : DREAMS The Past Several Nights"

DREAMS The Past Several Nights

I forgot the night I had this dream, but I was watching TV and they were showing some old B&W Beatles footage, except they were older, like my age. I distinctly remember John Lennon and I was puzzled how he looked my age because he never got to my age. His hair was long circa 1970 and he was wearing dark glasses.

This dream I had the night before last. Stan and I had met up with some other couple (no idea who...pure dream invention) who were quite wealthy, but sicko, into weird perversion or something. We're walking with them at night in a parking lot and we go into their house which is huge and filled with staircases. Some of the staircases go up to a platform, only to go down again on the other side. Purely staircases for staircases sake. There was one staircase that you descended like a child's slide that went spiralling down several stories as you sat in it. It was completely carved out of wood, polished, but not a fine wood polish like you'd expect in a rich person's house. This was more, how shall I say, rustic? ethnic? rugged? What it reminded me of are some tribal drums from the South Pacific Islands that I saw in the Milwaukee Natural History Museum...that texture of wood, except a bit lighter colored. I was having a blast sliding down this "staircase" although I had to be sure that I didn't veer off in some weird direction.

Dreams last night: OK, this is a really embarrassing dream, almost so embarrassing I didn't include it. I was by myself in some cottage somewhere...who knows where. Someone tells me they were going to send Clint Eastwood over. I say, yeah, right. But yes, Clint Eastwood knocks at the door...and he's completely naked. Either he, or someone else in the dream tells me that I have an opportunity to have sex with Clint Eastwood. I think it's some kind of joke, and I decline. Later, I'm thinking, hmmm...maybe I should've had sex with Clint Eastwood, after all, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. But then, if I told people that I had sex with Clint Eastwood, they wouldn't believe me. And then I think, why would Clint Eastwood want to have sex with me? I really wasn't in the mood for sex in that dream anyway, regardless who it was.

Later, same night I dreamt that Stan and I had to sell our house, but we found another house to buy near Milwaukee Street by the tracks (I'll show this area to you Stan, next time we drive that way). Although mostly small 1910-1920 era bungalows exist there IRL, this was a 1950s ranch, not boring ranch like my parents' house, but single story with some character, possibly some minor levels. It was white with red trim and some brick usage. We took just a cursory look at it and decided we'd take it. It was owned by a couple in their 60s. But we only saw the main floor. As we were driving away from it, I noticed that there was a basement level we never even saw. So we go back and ask to see the basement. The guy said that there are actually two basements, and one he built himself as sort of a recroom/family room area. There were glass bricks for the windows, but it was very bright for a basement. It was decorated in colors similar to the outside of the house with white paint and red carpet (which was in horrible shape, but that's easy to replace). I told Stan it would make a great studio. I didn't get to see the other basement before I woke up.


I forgot to add in the new house dream...I was really glad we were moving to that location because it would be close to a cellphone tower and I'd never have to worry about spotty reception again.

IRL, I really wouldn't want to live in that area.

Posted by Ann @ 04:15:2006:10:29 AM CST

I drempt last night that "Dr. Suess" was a member of Pink Floyd. Maybe I check your blog too much.

Posted by greenthumb @ 04:15:2006:05:31 PM CST

These are some wild dreams. It doesn't sound like the move to a new house is that good of an idea - even with better cell phone reception.

I like the stariway in our house a lot, and it is one of the best parts of the house even if the rest of it were actually fixed up.

Posted by stanley @ 04:15:2006:09:04 PM CST

Clint Eastwood... Maybe we need to watch some of his movies?

Posted by stanley @ 04:15:2006:09:05 PM CST

"maybe I should've had sex with Clint Eastwood, after all, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. But then, if I told people that I had sex with Clint Eastwood, they wouldn't believe me. And then I think, why would Clint Eastwood want to have sex with me? I really wasn't in the mood for sex in that dream anyway, regardless who it was."


Posted by Nikolas @ 04:15:2006:09:19 PM CST

Heh...kind of gives a whole new meaning to the Dirty Harry quote, "are you feeling lucky?" wink

Posted by Ann @ 04:16:2006:05:23 PM CST

"are you feeling lucky?" - wasn't the next word "punk" - you're not a punk.

Posted by greenthumb @ 04:17:2006:10:27 AM CST

Ann is very punk. She is an angry female with a lot of good ideas and insight.

Dr Suess, however, is an example of someone who has no 'punk' in them. I heard that when he was in Pink Floyd - which is not technicly a punk band - he was told to leave the group because Japan would not let the band tour there as long as he was in the group. hehe

Posted by stanley @ 04:17:2006:06:35 PM CST


He was brought in as the first substitute for Syd. They thought his children's book rhymes could somehow replace Syd's whimsical psychedellic alliteration, however they soon found out that his guitar playing was crap, hence they settled on Gilmour instead.

Just as well, as legal problems surely would have ensued since musical contemporaries The Who claim rights to all Seuss content used in the rock and roll domain. Townsend et al were instrumental in the creation of The Whos of Whoville.

Posted by Ann @ 04:17:2006:07:02 PM CST

I just realized my laughing icon guy bears an uncanny resemblence to Milk and Cheese, Dairy Products Gone Bad.

Posted by Ann @ 04:17:2006:07:05 PM CST

I hope Evan Dorkin won't want to sue me.

Posted by Ann @ 04:17:2006:07:09 PM CST

Does Tommy live in Whoville?

Posted by stanley @ 04:17:2006:07:47 PM CST

Tommy Who?

Posted by Ann @ 04:18:2006:08:09 AM CST

I don't think Clint was referring to any kind of "punk" that Ann would want to be!

I don't know what you're talking about re Dr. Suess being in PF. That was just in my dream - I can't imagine there was ever any connection in real life.

Posted by geenthumb @ 04:18:2006:10:48 AM CST

Dr. Suess being in Pink Floyd is one of the bands darkest and most well kept secrets. He would be a major problem for any band wanting to make it big in Rock and Roll. Everyone knows that the bigest landmark to success for a band is to have the legacy of at least one Japanese bootleg floating around out there...

One band PIL was so determined to 'make it' as a Rock and Roll band in the industry that they had to fake it. PIL actually ended up releasing its own fake Japanese boot leg so people would think they had 'made the grade' and played live in Japan at some point in their career. I think the LP (this was some time ago) was probably called "PIL Live in Japen" or something like that.

Pink Floyd has really done well and I imagine they have several "Live in Japan" bootlegs floating around in the music world. They would have never even had the honor of one of these bootlegs made had they not dumped their member of dubious racial views - Dr. Suess. crazy

Posted by stanley @ 04:18:2006:07:51 PM CST

You forgot the infamous Captive Noses' one and only live album, "Dead in Japan."

But the day after it was released, Japan had an earthquake...hence, it didn't go over too well. Not that it would've anyway, the Noses being the cult band that they were (are?)

But anyway, back to Pink Floyd and Dr. Seuss. One misconception that you might be under, Stan, is that Dr. Seuss actually *joined* officially on paper and contract, Pink Floyd. This never happened, so he could never be considered a deep dark secret as "being in" Pink Floyd. No, he was only *considered*, as I said earlier, they settled on Gilmour because Seuss played crap guitar. And of course the legal thing with The Who too.

Didn't PiL split up after "PiL Live in Japan?" Isn't that when Johnny Rotten went from Lydon back to Rotten? Didn't he have a mental breakdown after that? Didn't he feel that his sense of irony was lost on the entire public at that point?

Posted by Ann @ 04:18:2006:08:07 PM CST

Thank you for clarifying the point that he was never actually, officially, on paper and in any way joining as a member of the band - thus, he was never a 'rock Star or evenactually having a rock and roll career.

I didn't know that Johnny Rotten ever had a mental breakdown - was this the result of some early childhood trama?

I understand that he had to go through the court system to get his 'real' name - which was a real 'rotten' deal for him. He really has my sympothy on that one.

I use to play the live in Japen music and it was one of their weaker works. It is one of the most over lookes and most brilliant bands ever to make music and I fear they will forever be over lookes. The PiL (thank you ann, for the name correction too) ...yes, the PiL Metal Box is one of the most impressive music works ever made by any band.

It really is too bad that their "PiL Live in Japan" LP was such a let down. Maybe the 'mental breakdown' happened around the time of the fake Japanese bootleg.

It is sort of strange though, that Dr. Seuss never really took off in the Rock and Roll world.

Posted by stanley @ 04:18:2006:08:19 PM CST

No childhood trauma. The mental breakdown came purely as a result of the "PiL Live in Japan" album. It was that bad. It was so bad, in fact, it was hard to believe it was real. wink

Posted by Ann @ 04:18:2006:08:23 PM CST

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