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04:12:2006 Entry: "Ann : What's going on?"

What's going on?

Somehow some log files or cgi files got corrupted on my journal over the past few days or weeks. I have no idea what happened, but I had to reinstall Greymatter (ugh...going through template hell).

My old entries can be seen here, however Stan and I re-posted the last few days of entries in this latest version, as I thought they were too good to be doomed to the dustbin of journal history.

Although you can no longer post in those old entries, you can post in these new ones. I've also added emoticons (this is a new feature with the latest Greymatter) and a preview feature, which acts kinda wonky due to reasons I can't explain here.


how unfortunate. sad i am acclimating to the new smilies. they seem fun in a blinky, 8-bit way.

i'm glad you didn't let a corrupted file put a halt to your journaling, rising (again) from epic blog explosion. maybe your thoughts are just too forward, the blog can't keep up with your intellectual hot-ness. crazy

Posted by bran @ 04:15:2006:10:07 AM CST

Thanks Bran, but I don't think my writing is that intellectual!

Sometimes I think my life as I know it is set to self-destruct and re-invent every four years, and the blog is just an automatic subconscious digital expression of that. confused

Posted by Ann @ 04:15:2006:10:41 AM CST

As you know Ann, I want you to preserve your own writings - at least in some form.

If we lived 100 years ago maybe your would cook, cut and reorginize life experiences into a work of lit..., but this is raw writing.

Posted by stanley @ 04:16:2006:07:34 PM CST

By Ann @ 07:34 PM CST:04:12:06 ..::Link::..

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