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04:12:2006 Entry: "Ann : Covered Bridges Weekend"

Covered Bridges Weekend

For pictures, go here. Click on those images to see them larger

The above link has photos from our recent trip to Madison County, Iowa to see the covered bridges. We stayed in Winterset, Iowa, birthplace of John Wayne, or so say all the road signs pointing to it. The man getting our room for us at the Super 8 (only place in town to stay as far as I could tell...good thing we had reservations...all booked up...horse show in town...yee haw) said several years ago one couple came all the way from China to see this area, either for the legendary covered bridges or for the actor, possibly the latter as all the wife could say in English was "The Duke!"

One very sad thing he also told us was that there was an arsonist who burned some of the bridges down several years ago. What kind of sociopath would do such a thing? Supposedly, according to the motel manager, they almost caught the guy, but it was a suicide by cop. He was found with a map and a kerosene bottle in his car. But from what I can tell, they're still looking for information about the arsons. If you Google Madison County Bridges arson you can probably find more information about it than I can write here.

Despite having spilled my self-serve coke from Subway all over Stan's nut dust (spilled pistachios), creating an odd decoupage of sticky coke-glazed nut dust on our maps that afternoon, we enjoyed ourselves nonetheless. It's a very picturesque part of the world, nice to visit, but too small to live there. I hoped I'd at least hear a train go past our motel at night, but no train, not even a distant whistle. I mean, if you're in small town where the tallest things on the horizon are grain elevators, you'd think you'd hear the train. But nothing.

The dogs enjoyed themselves too. They love to travel with us.


Same bridges as in the book?

Posted by Nikolas @ 04:14:2006:04:44 PM CST

I think so...I haven't read the book (or seen the movie), but I would think they'd be in it.

Posted by Ann @ 04:15:2006:08:57 AM CST

By Ann @ 07:29 PM CST:04:12:06 ..::Link::..

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