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04:12:2006 Entry: "Ann : Here goes..."

Here goes...


... nothing.



have to figure out this new configuration with emoticons...hang on here...http://www.ornamentalillness.com/emoticons/angry.gif

Posted by Erm... @ 04:12:2006:02:48 PM CST


Posted by Ann @ 04:12:2006:02:48 PM CST


OK, this is on hold til who knows when.

Posted by Ann @ 04:12:2006:03:01 PM CST

blasted emoticons.http://www.ornamentalillness.com/emoticons/cry.gif

Posted by Ann @ 04:12:2006:03:06 PM CST

I have absolutely no clue how to make these blasted emoticons work.

Posted by Ann @ 04:12:2006:03:11 PM CST

Please do not post or use the emoticons until I can get this working (which I may never do)

Posted by Ann @ 04:12:2006:03:12 PM CST

woot! I think it worked!

Posted by Ann @ 04:12:2006:03:38 PM CST


OK, I'm going to do a little celebration, then maybe sometime I'll add a link for the old entries, and then it'll be good! crazy crazy smile big grin

Posted by Ann @ 04:12:2006:03:40 PM CST

This makes me wonder if I'm the only person in the whole world who hate emoticons and smileys and the whole packet of yellow things wink

Posted by N @ 04:12:2006:06:46 PM CST

They are rather juvenile and annoying, aren't they?

The thing is though, they do come in handy for expressing emotions because they can't always be expressed in the tone of web writing.

Since my journal blew up today, I had to reinstall greymatter. I couldn't find an old copy of it on my hard drive, so I had to install new, which is v. 1.3.1, which includes emoticons and a few other imrpovement, so I decided I'd keep them because they do come in handy.

I don't particularly care for these, I'd like to change them to something of my own, but I really don't have time to do that right now.

Posted by Ann @ 04:12:2006:07:14 PM CST

smile I have never seen smilies like this. They are kinda cute. I like the word wonky, btw. Remember I said things were bad? I can't even make a simple full bordered table today. I'm going to bed.


Posted by Dawn @ 04:13:2006:02:05 AM CST

No, they are not juvenile and annoying - they are cute. I like emoticons. The only problem with these is that they're kinda small.

Posted by greenthumb @ 04:13:2006:01:11 PM CST

i'd love to see Ann's Own Emoticons, they'd be great.

Posted by bran @ 04:15:2006:10:09 AM CST

Maybe...if I ever have time again! crazy

I'd like to do some Bauhaus-style emoticons. And make them transparent inside to be seen against this background (which changes color).

Posted by Ann @ 04:15:2006:10:46 AM CST

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